Text is 8½ X 11 size sheets, unbound, printed front and back with margins set for punching and binding. Pryor's text is Copyright # TXu 953-180, year 2000.

1, 2, 3 Introduction to PDS

Cat. No. 123 .. $ 9.50

A continuation of the intuitive, on-line approach to Numbers 1, 2 & 3 that also covers all six Numbers 12, 13, 21, 23, 31 & 32. Includes examples of fabulous number-image mnemonics as applied to memory, to thinking, and to the general analysis of symbols and daily life. Easy to follow with mostly big print. 63 Pages.

Fabulous Concepts and Number-Images 0 - 99

Cat. No. I .. $ 20.00

Part I of PDS: A presentation of fabulous concepts based upon the Judeo-Christian culture and Pryor's Number-Images 0 - 99, including 100 Illustrations. This number-image set is a 110 image 'Major System' for visual learners. 91 Pages.

Organon Concepts and Number-Images 000 - 999

Cat. No. II .. $ 40.00

Part II of PDS: A presentation of organon principles and the J. Pryor's Judeo-Christian culture based Number-Images 000 - 999, including annotations. This three-digit number-image set is a 1000 image extension to Pryor's 'Major System' for visual learners. Part I is a prerequisite to this Part II. 108 Pages.

Enrichment and Alpha-Numeric Associations A - Z

Cat. No. III .. $ 20.00

Part III of PDS: A telling of tales about the past and a presentation of alpha-numeric associations for the alphabet in English, A through Z, based upon the fabulous Number-Images 0 - 9. Alpha-numerics is most enriching to applications of Pryor's Development System through memory enhancing mnemonics techniques. Part I is a prerequisite to this Part III. Part II is recommended to be read before Part III. 42 Pages.

Pryor's Development System (Parts I, II & III)

Cat. No. PDS .. $ 75.00

The complete text of Pryor's Development System: all three Parts I, II & III as described above. 241 Pages..


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