Welcome to Pryor's 1,2,3 Introduction to
Pryor's Development System

The above three Images are Fabulous Images
of the Judeo-Christian past, of the goddess of memory,
Greek Goddess Mnemosyne.

Mnemosyne, call her Mneme, reveals an association of
Fabulous Images and Numbers.

Seek into your past, into yourself, into your mind.
Associate each above Image with one above Number.

Do you make the same associations of mind as Mneme?
Do you feel these associations naturally in your mind?
Match all three before reading further.

One thing Pryor likes to do is
sharpen, or point, the Hook:

The fabulous associations become:

Is this not as easy as 1,2,3!

Can you forget these associations from the past?

Pryor's Inspiration was
To combine the Fabulous Images of Mind
Into two-digit number-images.
For example for numerals 1, 2 & 3:

12    21    13    31    23    32

For example for number 12,
The Fabulous Images of the Mind are:

The 'added' images taken 'together' may become:

Not a very useful "image."

Seeking a useful image,
The mind of Pryor for No.12
Morphologically transforms
The Raised-Up Snake
A hook-like and rigid Wrecking Bar:

This transformation to a single No.12 Image
Is driven by a visual-conceptual process
Based upon digit position meanings as follow:

Leading Digit = Added Qualities of No.1

Base Digit = Base Qualities of No.2

The added or leading qualities are both
Visual and conceptual in nature.
The vital essences of these leading qualities are:
Long and Hook-like and Rigid.
Surely one knows and feels and sees these qualities
In Pryor's No.12 Wrecking Bar?

Now consider and know and feel and see
Morphological transformations for Numbers 13 & 23;
Can you agree with Pryor that:

Pitchfork = No.13

Talking Tree Snake = No.23

Surely No.13 feels long and rigid and pointed,
Like its leading No.1 Pointed Hook qualities?

No.23 is more complicated, but upon reflection does not
the active element of the Snake prevail and lead to the
snakelike No.2 defining image essence?

Now take another intuitive leap of mind, and
Consider transforming the No.23 Talking Tree Snake
Into a three-digit Number-Image for No.123.
Choose Pryor's way and the Digit Priority becomes:

Leading Digit = Added Qualities of No.1
Base Image = Base Qualities of No.23

Ask yourself:
"How may The Talking Tree Snake base image No.23
be transformed to have No.1 Pointed Hook qualities?"

Before reading further, seek first within your mind!

Seeking within yourself have you glimpsed:
Any rigid snakes?
Any long and hook-like and rigid snakes?
Any snakes turning long and rigid?

Perhaps a coiled snake drops out of a tree,
And as it falls it straightens out to be long.

Perhaps a hook-like, wooden staff drops out of a hand,
And as it falls it twists and bends,
And as it hisses it strikes the floor as a snake!

Seeking within your past,
Have you glimpsed such transformations?

Within the Judeo-Christian past of Pryor,
Pryor has glimpsed Moses casting down his staff
That turns into a mighty snake!

So Seeker,
Pryor knowing the power of Moses' Staff
Knows the Staff and its Snakes are divine,
And one divine snake must surely be
The Talking Tree Snake of No.23.
And that cast down surely was:

Moses' Divine Staff of No.123


In your mind's eye,
May the coiling Talking Tree Snake
Uncoil and become long and rigid for Moses?
Become a long and Divine Staff of his favorite shape?

Pryor would be your Guide.

Now you know 3 out of 10 of
Mneme's One-Digit, Fabulous Number-Images.

Now you know 3 out of 100 of
Pryor's Two-Digit, Combination Number-Images.

One utility of Pryor's System is that
the 100 two-digit images group naturally
into only 10 families, each as defined by its leading
digit position number-image. Thus denary recall
proceeds as much by the tens as by the hundreds!

If the path beckons, Pryor would be your Guide.


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Pryor's above online 1,2,3 Introduction presents numbers 1, 2, and 3 of Pryor's ten fabulous number-images. Pryor's online Home page shows two more of these ten basic images, without specifically noting their numbers. For an online Web page of study skills employing such number-image associations in mnemonics, try Improving Your Memory Skills. This page notes research over the last ten years pointing to the effectiveness of mnemonics in learning. Several mnemonic tools are presented, including a Number-Image System but to add Pryor's powerful dimension of mind, find your number-images using Pryor's Development System!


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