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Beyond the Doors

The mind processes visual imagery on both conscious and subconscious levels. The eyes take in so much detail that the subconscious mind must filter it before encoding for memory. In the process of forming a memory, each mind spontaneously draws upon the subconscious or fabulous mental legacy of its cultural past to interact with new detail and produce unique resonances of meaning. Likewise, the mind draws upon its fabulous resonances and images when dreaming, daydreaming, meditating, or even when thinking conscious thoughts. Although these mental processes are spontaneous and inescapable, many would ignore or deny all such subconscious resonances and images. But those seeking to realize their whole mind potential for living and learning must not avoid the subconscious mind or the differences in right and left brain functions. Surely by reflecting upon only the most traditional and non-controversial powers of mind you know something of the mind's potential to:

Generate visual design impact using image associations.

Improve memory using mnemonic visualization techniques.

Relax and reduce stress through meditation using visual images.

Pryor's Development System reveals a pathway into and out of the subconscious mind of the Judeo-Christian culture. Thus Pryor's System is enabled to perceive and make use of the mind's affinity for fabulous images and their 'natural' essences and associations of shape, color and concept. By employing such fabulous visual images, Pryor's System adds an entire dimension of mind to the use of imagery and related methods of self-development. This leads to a well organized, conscious creative visualization process that develops or improves your imagination and memory for the work and play of daily life. If you are serious about improving your powers and self-confidence of mind and memory, Pryor would be your guide. Open the virtual doors above and venture a visit onto Pryor's pathway and into your own fabulous mind!


Add a dimension of mind to your thinking or meditation by employing Pryor's fabulous visual images to link your right and left brain functions and thereby stimulate your imagination! Hence at the same time you are thinking, or meditating and relaxing, you may be learning Pryor's morphological image transformations and adding to your mind a set of 110 powerful image-concept associations. Part I of Pryor's Development System provides the essences, images and the 110 associations that can add the fabulous or subconscious dimension of mind to thinking and to most styles of meditation. And as a guide to the general philosophy, techniques and benefits of creative thought and meditation, an inspiring and excellent book is Creative Visualization, by Shakti Gawain, 1995 Revision in paperback. Support Pryor's site and get Amazon's lowest price by clicking directly from here to order online with Amazon.

Creative Visualization, Shakti Gawain   
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